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On-Air Activities You Might Like To Try

Parks on the Air

This world-wide program puts state and national parks on the air. It's a great way to get on the air from a wide variety of scenic and historic sites. Work the parks from home, or put one on the air yourself! Visit their webpage at for details.

ARRL Field Day

Field Day is held the fourth full weekend each June. It's part disaster exercise, part contest, and all fun, and TSRC participates in Field Day every year. Learn how to set up and operate on the HF bands under field conditions. Check out our pictures pages for Field Days of the past, and visit to learn more about the event.

New England QSO Party

On the first full weekend each May, all the New England states get on the air to give a chance for stations around the world to make contacts with New Englanders. This event is especially popular with county and grid square hunters, because we have some rare ones, especially in Northern New England. Join the fun from home, or hit the road and put a rare one on the air.

US Islands

Not to be confused with RSGB's Islands on the Air (IOTA) program, this one is for any island in the United States. USI holds several on-air events each year, and both clubs and individuals can put islands on the air anytime year-round. TSRC put Gilman Island in Hanover (CT River) on the air back in 2011, and we're always open for new adventures.  Check the calendar at to see which islands will be on the air in coming months.