Twin State Radio Club, Inc. - W1FN

Amateur Radio education and public service

Long-Range Planning and Activity Ideas

Infrastructure projects: (expected time frames)

2021: April - October (outdoor work season)

Repeater in place in Strafford

New 7330 controller for Moose

Support Trailer finished

Major Inventory – April

Inspection of Comms trailer frame

Tower trailer repairs TBD

Replacement of Springfield and Corinth repeaters with Kenwoods - timing TBD 

2022: Finishing up repeater networking left over from 2021

2023: Nothing yet

2024: Nothing yet

2025: Replacement of the Communications Trailer?

Annual Events:

Winter field day - January

Grantham Sled Dog race - February

ARRL Field Day - June

Prouty - July (canceled 2021)

Post Mills Crop Walk – October

JOTA - October  (start planning in spring)

Rivendell Ramble - September

Inventory - April

NearFest - May and October

Jamboree on the air - October

CVFMA swap meet - February

Proposed: Pico Balloons - annual winter project

Proposed: Quarterly VE sessions about 6 weeks after the CVFMA series

Proposed: Weekly repeater net

During the Pandemic:

Town-wide Fox Hunt - driveable

Virtual shop talk

Pico balloons

Zoom call kit build

Pico balloons

Repeater system tutorials

QRP operating

Post Pandemic:

Orange County Traffic Light special event station (Bradford, VT)

Build-a kit-workshop day at Maker's Space

Radio repair clinic

Summits on the Air

Parks on the Air

US Islands on the Air

VHF/UHF+ (GHz) Equipment, discussions, presentations, and contesting

Special event stations – activate two towns of the same name at the same time in both VT and NH


Get involved with the Maker’s Spaces in Claremont and Canaan

Soldering classes through a maker’s space

Scout “Jamboree On the Air” (JOTA) See Annual Events

High school science balloon construction and launch

Robotics and radio

Morse code demos

Ham-Sci involvement

Encourage the science aspect of the hobby (Eclipse contests, Personal Space weather stations, etc.)

Equipment Building Activities: (could be online or in person)

WSPR – QRP transmitters

Transceiver kits

Antenna building

Direction finding antennas and Equipment

TAPR kits, Tangerine SDR