Twin State Radio Club, Inc. - W1FN

Amateur Radio education and public service

Questions? Contact our officers and committee chairs:

President - Dan MacMartin AD1HD [email protected] 

Vice President - Dave McGaw N1HAC [email protected] 

Secretary -  Nicole DeShone KE8DHM [email protected]m

Treasurer - Dave Colter WA1ZCN [email protected]

FCC License Trustee - Alan Bradford AE1H [email protected]

(The listed officers comprise our corporation Board of Directors)

Standing Committee Chairs

Trailers - Alan Bradford AE1H (see above)

Repeater Manager - Dave McGaw N1HAC (see above)

Webmaster - Dave Colter WA1ZCN (see above)

Mailing Address

Twin State Radio Club

85 Blackwater Rd.

Canaan, NH 03741


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Southern Grafton County ARES Emergency Coordinator 

Carey Heckman W1EAR - Hanover, NH

(ARES is an ARRL program, directly supported by TSRC. ARRL is an IRS 501(c)(3) corporation)

TSRC is an ARRL Affiliated Special Service Club