The Support Trailer The Support Trailer Support Trailer in the raw The new custom 7x16 aluminum trailer about to leave the dealer's lot 205663865 Al and Fred admiring the new plate New call letter plat for the support trailer 205663863 Al attaching plate Al, just screwing around 205663864 Fred removing the cable duct We began disassembling the interior so the floor could be removed for painting, top and bottom 205857918 Fred unscrewing wall panels 205857920 Partial disassembly 205857919 Fully disassembled 205857921 A look at the substructure 205857923 Floor painted and reinstalled 205857917 Ed looking at the new rear loading lights 205857922 Left wall carpeted, antenna racks installed 205932258 Left wall carpeted, antenna rack installed 205932255 DC power center in progress 205932256