The Prouty The Prouty Prouty Operations Center 2015 Our net control position with large screen APRS display 203911964 APRS Digi - Sentinel Mt. Dave, WA1ZCN, installing an antenna for the W1FN-3 digi 203911965 Self-contained go-kit station Circa 2004 - this station includes APRS and voice comms and its own battery 203911966 Rover helping cyclist One of our roving hams, helping repair a bike alongside the road. 2004 203911967 SAG stop Stop And Go - food, water, first aid, rest - and a ham on duty! 203911968 Prouty Operations Center 2011 Our net control in the Ops Center. 203911970 Lyme, NH SAG site 2011 That's Ron AB1NN's SUV with roof-mounted PVC antenna mast. Ron's been a fixture at SAG 1 for years. 203911971 Antenna on the roof This is our primary antenna and sandbagged tripod on the Richmond Middle School roof - right above the Operations Center. 203911972 APRS display APRS lets us track all our rover stations and resupply trucks, making dispatch faster and reducing voice traffic on the repeaters. 203911973 Net Control 2015 Dean and Bob, with Operations Manager Tony, keeping the event running smoothly 203911974